The theatrical documentary PASSION FOR PLANET extends the classic wildlife genre. It takes us on an adventure around the globe. In front of the most spectacular natural backdrops and wildlife observations we dive into the universe of the world's best wildlife filmmakers. With boundless passion and commitment they devote themselves to their deepest love: The natural beauty of Mother Earth. On occasion even risking their lives for it!

However, their mission is now in jeopardy! When returning to the same places they can't help but realize the alarming changes: The destruction and decline of our natural resources caused by the impact of man! Will they be able to save their love?

In PASSION FOR PLANET we follow five of them during their stirring and fascinating transformation from innocent nature lovers to resolute fighters. We are with them in their personal quest for answers. Those answers are astonishing – and motivating as well!

We are reminded that we are embedded in something bigger than our own lives. Being confronted with the fact that we have now reached our limits, we face an urgent call to mature! On their journey, our protagonists - as our representatives - are growing from innocent childlike unconcern into realizing our interdependency: For the future of our children! Thus overcoming our selfishness and devoting ourselves to the good of the greater whole...

The movie will infect the audience: With new passion for life and our own liveliness. And with a new perspective of Mother Nature and our place with her.

PASSION FOR PLANET takes us on a journey around the world: To more than 10 countries on 4 continents. The film will be screened at film festivals around the globe, in theaters near you, and be broadcasted as well.

Look forward with us to this exciting production!

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Mark Shelley Mark Shelley

Eco-rebel, marine biologist, maverick, visionary, passionate storyteller, has encountered numerous life threatening situations in his film-making career. He produced e.g. "STRANGE DAYS ON PLANET EARTH". Nowadays he is also a role model: He has become an organic farmer, and a sustainable meat merchant.

Jan Haft Jan Haft

Bavarian biologist and likable family man who, in technical perfection, shows us his homeland with fresh eyes. For this he is awash in prizes. Lately he enthused audiences with his masterpiece "THE GREEN UNIVERSE". He is a steward of nature out of deepest conviction.

Rob StewartRob Stewart

Young, ambitious, provocative strong visionary, made his first film, the highly internationally acclaimed "SHARKWATER", the most successful documentary ever in his home country. Through his encounters while making this film he was converted into a radical, forceful and uncompromising environmentalist. He sees himself on a mission to do his share for saving our planet. "Nothing less than a revolution is needed", says Rob, as he heads out to instigate it...

Michael Schlamberger Michael Schlamberger

Rita Schlamberger Rita Schlamberger

Warmhearted Austrian couple, Michael physician and Rita biologist. Today they are the leading wildlife filmmakers in their homeland, recipients of numerous awards. They specialize in combining natural and ethnohistory.

Rita BanerjiRita Banerji

Nurtured by her strong love for nature she found a way to establish herself within a male dominated business in a male dominated country. Confronted with overpopulation, her focus is to find solutions for coexistence between humans, animals and nature. Lately she has been awarded the Green Oscar, called the "Panda".

FURTHER CONTRIBUTORS to be seen on the Film-DVD:

Sir David Attenborough Sir David Attenborough

Living Legend of BBC's Wildlife Films, with more than sixty (!) years in the business, has imprinted his name as author, director, producer, presenter and narrator on an uncountable number of films. Through his work the BBC became the Global model for today's style of wildlife films.

Alastair Fothergill Alastair Fothergill

Zoologist, once the shooting star at BBC's NATURAL HISTORY UNIT, became their director at the age of 32, and then stepped down again at 35 to follow his passion for making films. He directed and produced "BLUE PLANET", "PLANET EARTH" (the most successful wildlife film ever made), "FROZEN PLANET" and "CHIMPANZEE".

Beverly Joubert Beverly Joubert
(Botswana/South Africa)

Dereck JoubertDereck Joubert
(Botswana/South Africa)

As well a legend as Attenborough, the South African couple's mission is to educate mankind in the conservation and protection of nature. There are few with their kind of uncompromising determination.

Andreas Kieling Andreas Kieling

He is also called "Grizzly Man", for his extremely close encounters with grizzlys in Alaska. As a teenager his desire for freedom drove him to escape from East Germany, through the iron curtain, and in doing so was shot and wounded. Nowadays he is by far the most popular German wildlife filmmaker, and has his own series running on German TV. Still in search for the "never done before", he risks his life in close encounters with crocodiles, battling moose, and other dangers...

Wolfgang Bayer Wolfgang Bayer

The wildlife veteran started out as a mechanic in the fifties. He immigrated to the US in search of nature and his love for wildlife films. After a heart attack, in which he was declared dead for seven minutes, he awakened to realize how precious life is: To show his family the beauties of our planet he sold all his belongings, and then went with them, aboard their own boat, on a two year trip around the world. He made a full feature film about the ups and downs of the trip, called "EARTHLING". Today, officially retired in Hawaii, he is still restless and hunting for fantastic shots.

Doug Allan Doug Allan

Highly acclaimed BBC-Cameraman from Scotland, at home underneath as well as above the water, with a fondness for the Arctic and Antarctica, has shot several "first-ever-seen" images, and is an exceptionally gifted storyteller. We owe our thanks to him for his shots of orcas hunting humpback whales in "BLUE PLANET".

Justine Evans Justine Evans

She is one of just a few women among BBC's Camera Crew, and has an expertise for shots that involve climbing. She shot the night sequences of elephant-hunting lions in "PLANET EARTH".

Barrie Britton Barrie Britton

Zoologist and well awarded BBC Cameraman, who specializes in flying birds. He is brought into the most remote places particularly for this purpose, as in "GALAPAGOS", "PLANET EARTH", and others.

John Brown John Brown

Biologist, multiple award-recipient, BBC Cameraman as well as filmmaker, is also head of the International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers. He directed and shot "SNOW MONKEYS".

Matto BarfussMatto Barfuss

Kerstin NoackKerstin Noack

"Action Artist" and "Enfant Terrible", painter, gallerist, writer, wildlife filmmaker and photographer. He already attracted media attention at the age of nineteen with his stunt of crossing the Alps barefoot as a symbol against the destruction of nature by man. Later on, he made himself known for joining a wild cheetah family (as a family member!), in Serengeti. Barfuss stirs up controversy among wildlife filmmakers for his audacious approach towards the cheetahs, with no regard for distance, as well as the humanization of his subjects. Nevertheless, or maybe particularly for this reason, he easily packs auditoriums during his lecture shows. His girlfriend Kerstin Noack is his ever present supporting backbone.

Patrick Morris Patrick Morris

Producer, director, author, created for BBC award winning "GALAPAGOS", "WILD AFRICA", and many more.

Sarah Robertson Sarah Robertson

Together with her husband Adam Ravetch, she specializes on the arctic region. For their moving, mainstream fairytale "ARCTIC TALE" they brought together material from fifteen years of observing walruses and polar bears.

Paul D. Stewart Paul D. Stewart width=

Zoologist, freelance BBC cameraman and filmmaker. He had to endure long days in a blind for weeks during his attempt to catch the courtship behavior of a male paradise bird. He started to feel very compassionate for his poor unsuccessful companion... While filming bats in Texas he caught a nearly deadly infection. For "GALAPAGOS" he moved to the island with his family for one and a half years.

Kim WolhuterKim Wolhuter
(South Africa/Zimbabwe)

South African with a particular sense of humor, inherited his love for nature from his late father, and his grandfather, who was Kruger Park's first ranger. He also started out as a ranger, then became a well decorated filmmaker. Lately he's been focusing on hyenas and wild dogs. For several years in the bush, he filmed through the night as well as most of the day.

Mani MirsadeghiMani Mirsadeghi

Filmmaker from Iran, who sticks up for environmental and conservation issues in his country, received the Wildscreen-Award for Filmmakers from Developing Countries.

Bob PooleBob Poole

Raised in East Africa, he found himself involved in wildlife film making quite by accident. He started out as a driver, and then caught fire. Meanwhile he is a sought after specialist for aerials, and works regulary for National Geographic, Discovery, BBC and others.

Matthew AeberhardtMatthew Aeberhardt

Cameraman, director, environmental activist, and crazy about birds. He declared his love to the flamingos of Lake Natron in Tanzania with his film "CRIMSON WINGS", Disney's first feature on nature.

Justin MaguireJustin Maguire
(South Africa)

BBC Cameraman, who was involved in all major BBC productions of the last decade.

Didier NoirotDidier Noirot

France's top underwater cameraman, he started out working under Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and enjoys encountering the Great White without a cage, made his contributions to "BLUE PLANET", "PLANET EARTH", "OCEANS", among others.

THE OTHER SIDE: The "New Blood"

Katie SchulerKatie Schuler

Young American from a new generation of wildlife-filmmakers. With her own individual approach she is forcefully finding her way into the wildlife business.

Hannah Smith WalkerHannah Smith Walker

Already holding multiple awards, this junior filmmaker has a major interest in combining new medias with kids and environmental issues. She lets us participate in her "battle" to establish herself in this field.

Helen JohnsonHelen Johnson

Young & British, in her clearly defined goal to become a wildlife camerawoman, she has taken on a multitude of jobs to keep the pot boiling.

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Many people and organizations donated their energy and efforts, in one way or another, to bring this unique, independently produced project to life.
We owe our great thanks to them all!


Russell Autrey
Sibylle Blum SPIRO Druck-VerarbeitungsGmbH
Richard Berrett
Dave Booker
BS KINETICS Underwater Housings GmbH
David and Jane Collins
Martin Hammond
HEMINGWAYS Livingstone (Pete and Wilson)
MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM (Karen Jeffries and Team)
PANALUX Bristol (Chris Thompson)
PROTEA HOTEL Livingstone
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Stephan Schneider
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Moritz-Julian Sucker
Marcelo Trautmann
UNITED AIR CHARTER Livingstone (Ignatius, Mario and Samson)
Sally Vaughn
WILDSCREEN Bristol (Amy Nicholas and Team)